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Good News! If you want to purchase the Maggie Jacket Pattern you can do it again!

Find the BUTTON to shop the pattern below!

It all started with me making a quilted jacket for myself! The idea for a quilted jacket pattern came up when I was looking for a quilted jacket pattern with a relaxed fit. I couldn’t find a pattern that was appealing to me, so made the pattern myself!

I started the jacket by making the patchwork blocks that I wanted to appear in the jacket. That is how the idea came up for a jacket with customized blocks. The Maggie Jacket is designed using (16) 9" finished blocks.

I've asked Anna from the Hackney Quilter to design the Maggie block, and she said yes!

You can get the FREE block pattern HERE.

Do you know what I like the most of making the Maggie Jacket? Without any doubt to quilt the body panels. They are so cute and small to quilt. They are handy to handle in the domestic machine. That gives lot's of space for creative or heavy quilting.

When cutting out the body panels, the Maggie Jacket is getting it's shape. Here you can see how the quilted blocks will be positioned on the body panels.

Of course you can make your Maggie Jacket without pockets, but cute pockets are the best to finish off this crispy jacket.

By choosing a lovely contrast color binding for the exterior seams of your jacket, and matching bindings with the interior lining you can create a beautiful reversible jacket.

I'm wearing it all the time, and for those who got the pattern already, I hope you enjoy the Maggie Jacket Pattern as much as I do!

If you want to make the Maggie Jacket your self, click at below button!

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