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I am so excited to tell you about this collaboration I'm doing with Anna from The Hackney Quilter!!! The idea was to develop the Maggie jacket Pattern, but to offer the pattern with a special designed block!

The Maggie Block pattern has been designed by Anna from The Hackney Quilter to work perfectly with the Maggie Jacket!

I've specially asked Anna to design the block for my jacket because of her unique modern style and clean color use!

The Maggie Block is so versatile and uses HST (as they're lovingly known in the quilty world) to create the design.

I absolutely love the Maggie Block because it is super easy to make, and has endless possibilities to make with different fabrics and colourways...

The best part: It's a FREE BLOCK PATTERN

Join the list to receive it FREE when you sign up to the hackney quilter newsletter, you can find the LINK TO THE MAGGIE BLOCK PATTERN HERE

The block pattern will be released early so you can get started on making your blocks up for your jackets! If you are looking for the Maggie Jacket pattern, you can find it HERE

Happy Quilting!


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