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I love modern quilts and specially the ones with bold colors, mixed with white!

Here you see the pictures we made on the Photo-shoot for the Glowingheart Quilt!

I love the way how a cool outdoor space can give that extra sparkle to the photo's of a modern quilt. We thought of a space outdoors with a modern feeling, so Lorena and Javi found this modern wall in a skate-park in Madrid!

Here are the shots we got, it was a collaboration between Javi from @Javifgphoto and Lorena from @lorpacheco, and they did such a great job!!

If you want to know what a quilt would look like thrown into the air and photographed, here you go!!!

These photos make me laugh because it was so much fun to throw it again and again!

It was such a fun afternoon, and we were lucky it was not raining!

If you want to grab your copy of the Glowingheart quilt pattern, you can HERE

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